Panel organized by Congressman Cloud discusses immigration and border security

There are multiple topics of discussion when we hear the words border security, and representative Michael Cloud organized a panel in hopes of spreading more information.

“When a migrant moves, promised this great future in the United States, they get across the border, our border situation almost ends up being a middle man in the cartel process, and then they find themselves released in a stash house.” says Cloud as he addresses the panel of seven.

They each share experiences dealing with border security, human trafficking, and immigration; a discussion pending after Cloud’s trip to the southern border.

Local law enforcement chimed in to say, this isn’t just a border problem but a Crossroads concern too.

Victoria Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Roy Boyd states, “…what we’re dealing with, it’s often called immigration but in reality, hear it called human trafficking, but its really slave trade and that’s exactly what it is. We’re bringing people up into the United States, these organizations are, and they’re not free.”

On the panel, Border Patrol representatives answered questions from the public. The representatives added that more man power, advanced technology, and better infrastructure is needed, and that a wall isn’t the only answer.

Local land owners also see the trickling down effects in their back yards.

“Human trafficking is evil, evil, no matter how you cut it., and when it happens, and where it happens is a horrible event, but when it happens on your own property it changes your perspective, it changes your life.” says local landowner Norm Renfro.

The panelists all agree agreed that regardless of the politics surrounding this issue, no matter what administration is in office, the bottom line is to continue their work towards safer borders.