PAM Health Stands with Ukraine going strong all day

You can drop off your donations at 101 James Coleman Drive

VICTORIA, Texas – 25 News Now Howard Gordon and Adam Seibel will be live at PAM Health Inpatient Rehab Center, 101 James Coleman Drive, for PAM Health Stands with Ukraine from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. today. PAM Health is accepting donations through Monday, March 21.

Kimberly McDaniel, Director of Outpatient Marketing with PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Danny Gutierrez, Salesman with Toyota of Victoria, and Alyssa Amador, Customer Relations with Toyota of Victoria, are on-site at the donation spot. You can drop off donations to help the crisis in Ukraine.

According to Kasey Zarbock, Purchasing Assistant with PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital, donations average about 30 to 40 boxes per day. The boxes are weighing an average of 20 to 22 pounds each. PAM has sent about 800 boxes out so far. The Materials Management Team has taken charge in packaging, weighing, scheduling UPS pick-ups, and sending donation boxes out.

The donation drive is what PAM Health is calling PAM Health Stands with Ukraine. According to the United Nations, about 3 million people fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began in February. Kimberly McDaniel is the Outpatient Events Coordinator at PAM Health and when she heard they were doing a donation drive she wanted to expand it to include the Victoria community.

“Whenever I heard that we were going to put donation boxes inside our facilities, I thought we can do more, we can do more, I know how South Texans are, I know how Victoria community is, I’m just gonna make the ask,” says McDaniel, who was able to get more of the Victoria community involved in the donation drive.

From socks, portable phone chargers, toiletries, diapers, high energy protein bars, shoes, to even handmaid blankets the Victoria community showed up all throughout the day with donations in hand.

McDaniels says that they are also needing volunteers on Monday, March 21 to assist with boxing up all of the donated goods and that they are also in need of boxes to help ship all of the donated goods.

You can find more news and updates on the crisis in Ukraine by visiting our Crisis in Ukraine page. You can also watch Howard and Adam live on our Watch Now page. Crossroads Today Facebook page will also display Facebook Lives throughout the day.