Pakistani teen’s family visits Texas school where she died

The family of a Pakistani exchange student who was one of 10 people killed in a mass shooting at a Texas high school last year is on a two-week visit to learn more about her nine months in the U.S., including her final moments.

Sabika Aziz Sheikh’s parents, three siblings and cousin toured the Santa Fe High School campus on Tuesday, sitting in the classrooms where she once studied, including the art room where she was killed while hiding in a storage closet with other students.

Her mother, Farah Naz, was the only family member who couldn’t bring herself to enter the art room. She told The Associated Press in Urdu through an interpreter on Wednesday that the image “would stay with me … throughout my whole life.”

The family has already met with Sabika’s host family and the prosecutors overseeing the case against the student accused of carrying out the attack.

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