Oyster Season Begins

“Some weeks I have to tell customers, we’re out of oysters, because we don’t have nothing left.” says Ben Pham, owner of Texas Seafood who has been in the business of serving local seafood for more than a decade. His restaurant, which depends on local bays for supplies has seen the effects that a harvest hold can do.

“My oyster price used to be 5-6 dollar per pound they already come up $15 per pound” he adds.

Over the years, Ben adds that prices are creeping up, he says this is still due to the infamous bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico- 8 years later and he still sees its effects.

“Based on my knowledge that i know that 65% of americans are using mexican gulf seafood. 65% of it is coming for mexico’s gulf, that’s a pretty big percentage.”

Texas Parks and Wildlife announced that 16 bays will be delayed in opening due to management concerns or water levels. Matagorda Bay and Lavaca Bay are among these.

Texas Seafood like many local restaurants hope to use as many local products to keep the industry alive and not depend on imports.

“Local that’s right.” says Ben. “So would you say Texas has to choose from?”

“Yes, correct, Texas is a place where we can get a lot of local seafood.” he answers.

Ben adds that even when supply is low, he refuses to buy anything that’s not Texan.