“Over 900 kids deemed homeless,” says co-founder of new community youth program

When you drive down East North street you will see an abandoned building, but it’s in the process of being developed into a safe haven for the youth of our community.

“In our school district the last time we checked there were over 900 kids that are deemed homeless. So a lot of these kids don’t get to eat at night, they don’t get to eat on weekends and part of our program will include a food ministry where we will feed the kids before they go home if they want to eat,” said Homer Escalante.

Homer Escalante is one of the co-founders for the new program called the Lighthouse For The Youth. Escalante and his partner are in the process of opening this building to expand the program.

“What we want to do is we want to create a program, an after school program for the kids that are in need of the program. Where we can mentor them, council them, give them some vocational training. Whether it be welding, mechanical, cooking and doing hair,” said Escalante.

Escalante went on to say that the program will also have sports, and it will allow students to qualify for scholarships to go to college.

“Originally we were just mentoring to young men specifically; young men who did not have father figures in the house, using sports,” said Escalante.

Escalante and his partner would set up football camps, run drills and mentor to the young men.

Once the program opens there will be more room for junior high and high school students.

Currently, a date has not been set for the when the building will be opened; we will keep you updated when more information becomes available.

Lighthouse For The Youth also has a football camp coming up on July 27 at 8 a.m. and if you’re interested in donating to help the organization finish the building, please click here.