O’Rourke, Cruz pose for photo during chance post-election encounter

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Beto O’Rourke met during a chance encounter at a Texas airport this week, where the two reportedly exchanged kind words and discussed how they could “move forward” together just days after a highly contentious Senate election.

Cruz, a conservative Republican, beat O’Rourke, a rising star in the Democratic Party, in last week’s midterm elections.

The encounter was posted on Tuesday on Twitter and Facebook by Tiffany Easter, who posed in photos with the two Texas politicians, writing that “Beto noticed Ted sitting down and walked over to congratulate him on his re-election and campaign.”

“It was the first time they had seen each other since the election and the entire conversation was both of them talking about how they could move forward TOGETHER,” Easter wrote on Facebook.

“Today we literally watched them come together. This is America. This is good. This is wholesome,” she said, adding that she was in “awe” of the “humility” the two showed.

Easter later told CNN the interaction was genuine and she believes the two former rivals will honor their commitment of working together in the future.

“A simple three-minute conversation and a photo has sparked so much positivity, I think it just echoes what American is craving, which is positivity, bipartisanship, working together,” Easter said in an interview Thursday with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on “Newsroom.”

Easter said the chance encounter was “incredible” and she thanked the candidates for encouraging Texans to vote in the midterm elections.

“Thank you for engaging Texas in such a high-profile election,” Easter said. “Because of what they did, because of their public service, they inspired all of that.”

Cruz’s and O’Rourke’s campaigns did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.