Organization seeks volunteers, foster families for cats in need

Victoria Trap Neuter Return found homes for over 150 cats in 2019

The first Trap Neuter Return program in the United States was formed in 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida – in Victoria Community members started a local chapter in 2012.

And it’s Saturdays like these that helped Victoria Trap Neuter Return find homes for over 150 cats in 2019.

Pat Tally has been a volunteer for the last five years. And although she’s not a cat person she believes in the group’s mission.

“To help people get their cats fixed,” Tally said. “Providing traps or carriers or whatever will help people get their cats to the vet and get them fixed… Dr. Cochran runs a low-cost spay program for cats.”

However – when other volunteers or  foster families move – it can be difficult to place a cat.

“We’re very limited on what we can actually take in, we only have three or four fosters, foster homes, and that’s kind of unpredictable, sometimes they can take in a cat or sometimes they’ll take a kitten but if you have a momma with five babies, it’s really hard to find someone to foster pets for that long,” Tally said.

Angel Salinas, a 13-year-old, was at PetSmart Saturday – checking out the cats on display.

Angel says it’s easy to be a cat person.

“It’s because of how much they like to cuddle and how warm they feel,” Angel said. “We have about five or six… it’s like I have that connection with them, like I know what they have gone through and I feel like I can relate to that someday or have related to it at some point in my life.”

And since the hurricane has come and gone – there is ground to make up for – Tally says.

“A lot of cats got turned loose and a lot of cats got left behind and the families weren’t able to come back for them,” Tally said.

So new volunteers are definitely welcome.

“We can always use volunteers,” Tally said.

So if you know any stray cats in your neighborhood, contact Victoria Trap Neuter via their website.