Ordinance to Adopt Temporary Prohibition of New Game Room Permits in Victoria

There has been an increase of applications for game room permits in the city. Victoria Police Chief JJ Craig proposed a temporary prohibition at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“What we’re seeing is a multitude of little issues that are starting to be problematic” says Police Chief Craig.

This moratorium will prohibit accepting or processing new game room permits in the city.

“So really what we’re trying to do with this moratorium which is really just a temporary time, step back, take a look at what isn’t working and perhaps make some changes to the city ordinance” adds Police Chief Craig.

Currently there are 25 legal game rooms operating in the City of Victoria. Not only has there been a recent increase in permit applications, but also irregularities on how permits are being requested.

“I did see a spike, we’ve had, with in the last month we’ve had maybe 8…just a continuing increase.” adds Craig.

Other concerns include activity within these game rooms.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve seen some instances of illegal gambling occurring at game rooms” says Police Chief Craig.

The temporary prohibition will allow officials to review all these issues, and consider permit prices, as current fees don’t necessarily cover the cost of the process to have them approved and administered.

“Now’s a good time to take a break to take a look at the process and take a look at what requires” states Craig.