Opioid Epidemic- How the Crossroads Can Prepare

The growing opioid epidemic has made recent headlines and our Griselda Perez has some details on how the crossroads is responding.

“We’re being extremely cautions, when we’re doing vehicle searches that involve drugs, when we executing search warrants- we’re being extremely cautious.” says John Pape, Captain of Goliad’s Sheriff’s Office.

Goliad Sheriff’s Office monitors carefully to watch for any increase in opioid usage in the county.

“We haven’t seen enough opioids in Goliad to consider it close to an epidemic, we’ve seen a little increase in heroin which is an opioid in recent years” adds Pape.

Goliad EMS in joint efforts with the Goliad Sheriff’s Office stocks on a popular drug that helps victims of a heroin overdose- Narcan.

“You can buy narcan at the pharmacy now, anybody can do it, and what we’re finding is, it’s really easy to administer” says Goliad EMS John Creech.

This liquid drug can be given to a person through their nose, similar to a nasal spray- what this does is create an immediate passage for breathing and help stabilize it.

“I would take it and put it on my nostril push half of it then go to the other nostril and push the rest” adds Creech.

Narcan, is only carried by Goliad EMS at the moment- but as other jurisdictions change that, John Pape says,

“There are some agencies that are studying actually carrying narcan, we hope this never reaches epidemic proportions in Goliad County but if it does we’ll be prepared to deal with it.”

Due to the demand of Narcan, because of the epidemic across the nation, the price has increased. However counties like Goliad continue to purchase this life saving drug.

“When you start looking at this, you don’t look at the price you look at what the end product is and that’s saving a life” says Creech.