Operation Christmas Child is putitng a smile on children’s faces around the world

Operation Christmas Child wants you to be a part of an amazing event for a child in need. This organization is collecting shoe boxes full of child-friendly items to send out to children who many not receive anything for Christmas.

“In the shoe box, it’s packed for a child and thinking about something that would be good for them,” said Lori Huber, Logistics Coordinator.

Samaritans Purse organizes these boxes that can contain essentials like school supplies, toothbrushes, and bar soap.

“And we pass out the shoe boxes. They gotta hold em, they gotta wait for the countdown, and then they count them down they all open the boxes at the same time. It really is amazing to see their faces,” said Director of Ministries for Guadalajara, Walter Jackson.

These boxes change the lives of children. To some, it is their first Christmas gift they have ever received, organizers share some of those stories.

“One was in Africa and another was in the Middle East and that’s remarkable to hear their story because there were things in it that changed their lives for them,” remembered Huber.

If you’re interested in volunteering or donating visit samaritanspurse.org for more information.