One hit in auto-pedestrian collision

A teen was involved in an auto-pedestrian collision Saturday afternoon on Navarro and was taken to a hospital for their injuries.

VICTORIA, Texas – One person has been hit in an auto-pedestrian collision that happened Saturday afternoon on North Navarro. The teen was crossing westbound across North Navarro street near the 7500 block when they were hit by a car. They were taken to a hospital for their injuries. Officer Brewer with the Victoria Police Department was on the scene responding to the auto-pedestrian collision.

“They crossed when it wasn’t safe and a vehicle struck one of the juveniles who was crossing the road,” says Officer Brewer. Officer Brewer also says that the teen was not at a crosswalk and that at this time no charges will be brought against the driver or the person that was hit.

The extent of the teen’s injuries who was hit is unknown at this time.