One group wants to see LGBTQI books removed from Victoria Public Library

A former library board member says that removing the books would be an attack on the First Amendment

VICTORIA, Texas – One group of local individuals plan on being at the Victoria Public Library board meeting this Wednesday demanding that books relating to LGBTQI be taken off the library shelves. They are claiming that these books are inappropriate and do not belong in the library.

The library’s board meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 17 at noon in the Victoria Municipal Court located at 107 W Juan Linn Street. A former Victoria Public Library board member says that removing these books from the library would be an attack on the First Amendment. The group who is wanting the books removed from the library is claiming that they are inappropriate. As it stands right now the library hasn’t removed any of the books that the group wants to see gone.

The former library board member says that the group may be motivated by Governor Greg Abbott’s request to Texas schools to develop standards to block books with overtly sexual content, however, the former board member says that public libraries and school libraries are two separate entities.