2,000 COVID-19 vaccinations will be administered

2,000 COVID-19 vaccinations will be administered

VICTORIA, Texas- The Victoria County Commissioners received an update on the COVID-19 vaccines that are coming to the community in the next coming days.

David Gonzales, the Victoria County Public Health Director says they administered more than 1,500 covid-19 shots last Thursday. Now they are moving forward with this week’s allocations.

“We’re moving forward with plans for this week’s allocation in which we received 2,000 vaccines that we will move forward with at the same mass vaccination hub. We will extend the hours out some to be able to hopefully get those 2,000 out officially, effectively, and safely like we did this last time. Thursday went well, Wednesday we made some tweaks to the system we used online. As far as we know it went relatively well and smoothly with that system,” said David Gonzales the Director at Victoria County Public Health Department.

Gonzales said that in the first clinic about 25% of the people were from outside of Victoria County. “Last week we had about 33% from outside of the county.”

Gonzales says, unfortunately, they can’t have the vaccine only for Victoria County. They have to open it up to everyone, that’s their job and guideline from the Department of Human Services.

The public could get information by calling the the COVID-19 hotline at 888-966-5640.

The health department is not taking appointments for the vaccination clinic yet.