OLV’s Lessons and Carols prayer service invites non-Christians to join

Our Lady of Victory Cathedral in Victoria, TX

VICTORIA, Texas – VICTORIA, Texas – On Sunday, Dec. 19, at 3:00 p.m. the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory will host a scripture reviewing and caroling prayer service called ‘Lessons and Carols,’ where people of all faiths are invited to join. During the service Christian leaders plan to review some scriptures and songs from century 19. As a result, OLV’s Communities of Faith and other local church groups will listen to nine scripture lessons recounting events in Catholic history. Each lesson will end with a carol or song that reflects the its message and a brief prayer. The following events will include:

  • The fall
  • The promise of a Messiah
  • The Incarnation of the great commission to preach good news

In a press release from the Diocese of Victoria’s Communications department, Janet Jones indicated that “the church invites for people of all to enjoy some of the most special music of the year.”

According to their press release, the function will have interfaith leaders starting from creation to salvation, where the local Grace Presbyterian Church‘s pastor Dan Fultz is giving the reflection and other members are reading the scriptures. The local diocese’s bishop Brendan Cahill is presiding at the prayer service, saying he wants to invite non-Christians to join in and pray with the group.

“I think the Lessons and Carols is a prayer service that we as Christians can do together, preparing the way for Christmas. And I look forward to participating with some of my brothers and sisters from other Christian denominations and also wanted to make sure to invite non-Christians to come and pray with us,” he said. “The beauty of the Lessons and Carols is that it tells our story — from the beginning of a good God who created us, and the understanding that there is evil and sin in the world and we struggle with it. And, ultimately, that God loves us so much that he chose to be born in the little town of Bethlehem,” said Bishop Cahill.

Music director Glenn Hunter has been organizing the carol song pieces for this gathering, saying it will be a really special service. “There will be some familiar carols, and some, such as excerpts from ‘The Messiah,’ are musical pieces that the choir will sing,” he said.  “It’s a really special service,” said Hunter.

In addition they plan to have a violinist play and other solo musical pieces as well. “So it’s not just sort of a Christmas program. It covers all kinds of music and music from different centuries. It covers different styles of music and we have a violinist coming, so there’s some instrumental. There’s a choir, there’s solo, sort of a whole breath of music is represented,” said Hunter.

OLV Lessons And Carols Flyer