OLV hosts latest cultural event for students; A Passport to the World

Our Lady of Victory held their latest cultural event for their students Friday morning, A look into the may countries throughout the world, lovingly titled A Passport to the World.

Over forty countries were represented, with students sharing the culture, lifestyle and food choices of their respective nation.

We spoke to a seventh grade student who says she learned about her family history through A Passport to the World, something she wouldn’t have done otherwise.

“I feel like it’s so cool because everyone is like ‘Oh my Gosh! You’re ancestors are from Czech Republic, that means she’s Czech.’ So, it’s so cool seeing how everyone can like learn about you and your past”, says Morgan Korinek. “I feel so blessed because if I wasn’t at OLV, I wouldn’t be able to learn more about my history, learn more about my past. So, OLV has done so much for me.”

Over 600 people attended A Passport to the World, making the cultural event one fo the largest of the year for Our Lady of Victory.