OLV Fall Fest helping in multiple ways

The Our Lady of Victory catholic Church had their annual fall festival today at the Victoria Community center.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to the event and tells us what the money raised will be used for.

The Our lady of Victory Catholic Church’s fall festival had celebrated the community and had activities for all ages.
“We got a kiddie room that’s full games like bean bag tosses and golf and things for the little ones to play,” tells Vicki Pyatt, Chairman of Fall Fest. They had games to appeal to the older crowd. “We also have a live auction and a silent auction. Over here we have the cake wheel and wheel of fortune and all those games that the adults like to play like bingo,” explains Pyatt.
With all the fun and festivities I asked where will all the proceeds be going towards.
“It raises funds for our entire Parish community, which also includes are private catholic school,” adds Pyatt. “So the funds are used to maintain the Parish but also to assist the school.” A Parish is a name for the entire church community but some proceeds will go to the damages that are still left from hurricane Harvey. The Cathedral has been under construction and repair for over a year now. “You can just walk in the church and see that we are missing several pews still and statues and some things need to be renovated and fixed post Harvey,” exclaims Pyatt. OLV wants the community to take away the message that we are all in this together..
“Well i would hope that it would build community amongst the parish and the school. We are all together and the people should fellowship and have fun,” declares Pyatt. “They need to get some good food to eat and spend a lot of money at the auction and just have a good time.”