Oliver Road reopens after seven months of construction

Seven months after construction began, the Oliver Road bridge has re-opened.

Commissioner Kevin Janak says the $840,000 bridge, which he dubbed Taxpayers Bridge, is nearly twice as wide as before.

Construction on the bridge came under budget.

The bridge measures 30 feet wide by 130 feet long and will now be two lanes, making it safer for drivers to travel.

Commissioners Janak says development on the bridge project began in 2007, and he is happy to finally see the work completed.

“We have over a thousand cars per day that have been have to be routed because of this bridge construction. And, I’m just so excited that finally we’ve been able to get this bridge done. We’ve been working on this since 2007. So, that is twelve years of trying to get this bridge done for the taxpayers and I’m really very very excited.”

The county will now work on refurbishing Oliver Road in the coming years and will work to complete construction on Raab Road in the coming weeks.