Old Victoria Fire House renovation project

Victoria county commissioners approved phase one of the proposed renovation of the old firehouse in downtown Victoria. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson tells us a proposed timeline on this project.. After continued discussion Victoria county commissioners pushed forward in making the old fire station a public safety building for the Victoria County Sheriffs Office. “Its a much needed project,” says County Judge Ben Zeller.
County Judge Ben Zeller says the Victoria County Sheriffs Office requested the proposed renovation of the old fire house.
and today commissioners approved phase one of the project.
“Was to retain the companies and firms that can give us an estimate of the overall project,” tells Zeller. Zeller says the only renovations to the building will be inside because commissioners want to preserve the history of the exterior of the fire station.
“The second floor would be if we opted to proceed with the proposal, that would be office space for up to a dozen people up there and then bottom floor would be used for equipment, apparatus storage, and anything that the sheriff needed to use it for,” explains Zeller. Zeller adds the city wont have to put this project in the budget for next year because they can pay for it now.
“This is a capital expenditure, this will not be budgeted into next years budget. We have the cash now to pay for this project,” adds Zeller. After commissioners get a price tag on how much the project will cost from PGAL, commissioners will vote on whether or not to move forward with the project.
“That will be vote, that comes at some point down the road, so this is the first step in what will be a lengthy process as these type,” says Zeller. The timetable for the renovation project has not yet been announced.