OK to remove seaweed from Galveston beaches

Residential property groups will be allowed to remove seaweed from some Southeast Texas beaches but must abide by guidelines to protect the environment.

The Galveston County Daily News reports Galveston Park Board trustees Tuesday agreed to let homeowner associations clear some beaches amid excessive seaweed this summer.

Associations will be allowed to use the board’s federal permit and must abide by certain conditions to protect the sand and make sure sea turtles are not harmed.

The board last summer revoked allowing third-party contractors to operate heavy equipment for seaweed removal after an environmental group objected.

Tuesday’s agreement means homeowner associations can remove seaweed using mechanized equipment when a certain percentage of beach is covered. Such cleaning won’t be allowed on weekends or afternoon on holidays.

Information from: The Galveston County Daily News, http://www.galvnews.com

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