Officials Hope That New Airline Will Lead To More Passengers At Victoria Regional Airport

More passengers means more success for the airport.

Boutique Air announces start date for Victoria flights to Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth

A new airline service, Skywest, is coming to Victoria Regional Airport.

Officials hope that the number of passengers will increase once Skywest begins serving the airport.

Lenny Llerena, the executive director of Victoria Regional Airport, says that 10,000 or more enplanements per year is the goal. If this goal is reached every year, the airport will benefit financially from it.

“The support of the community..we need the community to fly this airline….we’re on our way up from the 10 thousand enplanements every year to meet the numbers for a one million dollar grant. Anytime you have 10,000 or more enplanements, the federal government will give these airports a million dollar grant. We are about 5700 from last year, so we are on our way up back to the 10,000 enplanements,” said Llerena.

An enplanement is when a passenger departs from the airport only, returning back to Victoria Regional from another location does not count.