O’Connor Elementary School teachers prepare for virtual instruction

O'Connor Elementary School teachers prepare for virtual instruction

VICTORIA, Texas – For the next few weeks O’Connor Elementary School teachers are preparing to deliver instruction remotely and at the same time figuring out how social distancing will occur when face-to-face instruction begins after Labor Day.

Times for breaks, like recess at home, will be incorporated into virtual instruction.

“Getting some movement outdoors if possible, so that they’re not just sitting in front of a computer screen,” said Dionne Hughes, Principal of O’Connor Elementary School.

This is the first year O’Connor Elementary School will operate as an Accelerating Campus Excellence school, which means they will have an extended hour to the school day. Being an ACE campus also means strategic staffing about 50 percent of the campus staff is new to O’Connor, said Hughes.

“Last year we did not get a rating because of COVID, the year before we were a D, and the year before that the campus was rated as an F, so that was one of the reasons that the district took this action to put the highest level of quality of educators on this campus to turn it around quickly, our goal is to be an A or B campus within the year,” Hughes said.

The campus playground is in need of some care, Northside Baptist Church volunteers offered their help to take care of some much-need maintenance to make the playground safe once face-to-face instruction returns. Community partnerships are a key part of ACE campuses.

Once face-to-face instruction returns, Hughes said they are also excited about rolling out a program to teach students how to ride bicycles, made possible by donated bicycles from Steve Klein, a local custom home builder.

To learn more about Victoria ISD’s plans for back-to-school during the ongoing pandemic visit their website.