Nordheim Pirates earn District Champs title second year in a row

District MVP shares his experiences playing basketball as a Pirate

Coach Williams with his team. Photo contributed by Elizabeth Wilson.

NORDHEIM, Texas – The Nordheim Pirates were titled District Champs for the second consecutive year. The Nordheim boys basketball team advanced to the Bi-District level, where they played against the North Zulch Bulldogs on Tuesday, Feb. 22. According to scorebooks that date back to the 80s, last year was the first known year the Pirates won District Champs.

Coach Carlton Williams has coached in Nordheim for 15 years. Williams, 39 from Garland, Texas, began his coaching career in Nordheim. Since his first year coaching, Williams has coached basketball, track, cross-country, tennis and golf for Nordheim ISD. He was joined by Coach Randy Castillo in this year’s basketball season. Castillo is also the coach for the Nordheim girls volleyball and basketball teams and track.

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Coach Carlton Williams; photo contributed by Elizabeth Wilson

Coach Williams reflects on this year’s season

“It started off kind of shakey; we lost a lot of guys from last year’s season,” said Williams. “We were a really good team last year. We had a bunch of new guys step in different roles this year, so it was kind of shaky. Coming back up after Christmas break, we were playing really well, and we ended up winning district.”

According to Coach Williams, the boys have worked hard and showed a lot of leadership this year. He believes this helped the team become more successful throughout the season. Williams also shared the team has put in hours of dedication outside of games. He said the boys come up to the gym during the summertime to prepare for the upcoming season.

“They work real hard and put in a lot of time during the summertime to come up here to be successful during the season; all of the stuff people don’t see,” said Coach Williams. “They just see us win the game, but people don’t see all the hard work these guys put in afterward.”

Nordheim Pirates lost by one point on Tuesday

The Pirates lost Tuesday’s game by one point. Although it was a close loss, Williams is proud of his team and all the hard work they put into the season. Coach Williams said he used the moment after losing as a time to reflect on how proud he is of his team and their hard work.

“Getting back to that point we were at last year was going to be difficult,” said Williams. “But they did a good job with stepping up and finding a way to get back.”

Following this year’s graduation, the Pirates will lose three seniors, including District MVP Braylon Williams. Braylon is a senior at Nordheim ISD and was titled District MVP this year. He has played basketball for the Nordheim Pirates all four years of high school.

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Braylon Williams; photo contributed by Elizabeth Wilson

Braylon shares his feeling about this year’s season

“It was a good one,” smiled Braylon. “It was one to remember. I had fun with my guys.”

Braylon also participates in track at Nordheim ISD. He hopes to continue playing basketball in the future and is ready for whatever life throws his way. When asking Braylon about his experience working with Coach Williams, he shared the hard work Williams also puts into coaching his team.

“He is a great coach,” said Braylon. “You know, he is going to make sure you put your hardest out there, and that you’re not lazy or anything like that. He is going to put his all, 100 percent, and make sure you do the same.”

Braylon said he and his teammates had to come together this year to win district, considering their shaky start. He felt disappointed when they lost, but he also knows his team did all they could.

“I was, you know, kind of upset it was my last game, but we did all we could do and tried our hardest,” said Braylon. “I was just proud of my team and what we have accomplished.”

Braylon offered some advice to future basketball players:

  • Stay in the gym,
  • Whatever the coach tells you, whether it’s offering to open the gym, take that opportunity,
  • You have to love the game to be good at it

Coach Williams gave the following advice for upcoming athletes

“However much work they put in, that’s how much they are going to get out of it,” said Williams. “They will be good if they put in the work and not so good if they don’t put in the work.”

Coach Williams and Braylon both shared how supportive the community of Nordheim has been throughout the season and prior seasons. They both look forward to track season, tennis and golf.

Featured photo contributed by Elisha Tam Wright.