Nominate a local Veteran for ‘Paint the House’ Contest

Platinum Homes is teaming up with the military veteran peer network & Sherwin-Williams to put on a contest to repaint the home of one local veteran.
One nominated, deserving veteran will be chosen and announced on April 21st to have the exterior of their home painted, in addition to a getaway the weekend of the event. Painting the house of the chosen veteran will be on April 29th & 30th. Veterans can nominate themselves or the community can nominate a local veteran. You must submit a brief essay explaining why your nominee deserves to win, name, date, and branch of service of the veteran nominee, address and exterior photos of the home and a photo of the veteran.

“Anytime there’s a brother or sister in need who has fought, who has been there and kind of walked the same ground I’ve walked and i can give them a hand i would love to do it because i know in the same instance if i was unable there would be someone there to help me as well,” Platinum Homes Project Coordinator, Christopher Painter said.

To nominate a veteran, email the following information to no later than April 20th. Interested volunteers and donors can contact Bulmaro Martinez at 361-649-1979.