No interim sheriff named, as former sheriff O’Connor is sworn in as U.S Marshal

T. Micahel O'Connor was sworn in as a U.S Marshal leaving a vacancy as Victoria County Sheriff

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria County commissioners discussed the future of the sheriff’s position after former sheriff T. Michael O’Connor was sworn in as a U.S. Marshal early last week.

The vacancy will remain open with no interim named. The court decided elections were close enough to wait on these results. 

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller explains that, “If we were looking at 6 months, [or]  a year down the road, before we would know [the results] then I think we would need to put in an interim, but given the fact that we may know as early as March 3rd, or May at the latest, we felt we would be fine letting the chief deputy steer the ship and us just wait until we have the election results.”

Judge Zeller says commissioner’s wanted to avoid appointing anyone who may be a candidate in the election. 

Once election results are finalized, commissioners will name the winner sheriff.