A Night to Shine

The red

VICTORIA,Texas–The red carpet was set out on Friday evening outside of West High School where many guest of honors walked right on as they stepped out of their limousine. It was a special night that was started 6 years ago by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The night is to celebrate and shower all those with special needs with the love of God on a very memorable prom night. This year Victoria got to be a part of that unforgettable evening. 

The Covenant Life Church hosted the event with the help of many local volunteers. 

“Our church, Covenant Life Center is hosting the event. It’s an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs,” said coordinator Dawn Rivera.

There was food and dancing and so many stars. By the end of the night all guests were crowned as kings and queens of the prom, having them all feel like royalty. 

“Its part of our dream, part of our bigger vision of what we always wanted to do and so tonight it’s a special night for all the special needs and so we’re gonna make them feel really good tonight,” said Pastor Robert Rivera.  

They had so many volunteers from the community, with  law enforcement to teachers, officials in the city, students from east and west high school all came together to put on this special night.