Next batch of COVID-19 vaccine dosages to be prioritized for those 65 and older

VICTORIA, Texas-The Victoria County Commissioners received an update on the COVID-19 vaccines. David Gonzales, the Victoria County Public Health Director says they are moving forward with a mass vaccination hub and they received 1,000 dosages that are expected to be here by Thursday but they will only be given to a select group of people.

“Our focal point for this first allocation or large allocation is going to be for the 1-B population. That’s going to be primarily focused on age 65 and older right now with this first allocation and keep in mind it’s only 1,000 dosages. It sounds like a lot but we have 1,000 people in the community that are going to want this vaccine and that we want to get it too. We just ask the public to be patient and know that these are going to come in slowly on a weekly basis,” said David Gonzales, the Director at the Victoria County Public Health department.

All vaccines will be given out by appointment only. The health department would like to limit the number of people coming into contact with each other during the vaccination. If you want to make an appointment and you are over the age of 65 you can call 361-580-5896.