Next animal ordinance update is set for Oct. 5

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, Sept. 21, city council gave a timeline for all upcoming animal ordinance related meetings. The council plans to review recommendations and all 700 survey comment submissions. As well as discussing potential revisions during their quarterly workshop on Friday, September 24.

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, the council will present a second reading of the animal code revisions. In this regularly scheduled meeting, the revisions will include a list of changes suggested from citizens. So far the plan is to include public hearing as well.

Mayor Jeff Bauknight says in two weeks there will be a public hearing

Bob Coleman is a retired veteran and he still had the opportunity to express his concern, even after the citizen’s communication portion of the meeting was over. Coleman graduated from West Point, he’s been in Iraq, and has traveled to many cities. However, Coleman chose to retire in Victoria with his wife and seven cats.

While he shared his story, Coleman said when he was recovering from heart surgery, his cats comforted him and helped him get through this rough recovery.

“I just wanted to voice the fact that I didn’t do anything wrong. My cats didn’t do anything wrong. So why are you doing this? So, I just urge you to do what’s right. Thank you for listening, I know you didn’t have to,” Coleman said.

Bob Coleman’s cats comforted him while recovering from heart surgery

Mayor Bauknight was glad to hear Coleman’s thoughts.

“Thank you. We appreciate your comments and I think you’ll be pleased with the progress we’re making on them,” said Bauknight.

Animal advocate, Megan Driver, hopes to see everyone working together to do what’s best for the community.

Megan Driver wants everyone to work together for the animal ordinance, concluding with what’s best for the entire community

“Then again, at the end of the day, I’m really hoping that animal control, city council, and the community can come together as one and agree on not what’s just best for number purposes. But what’s best for the community in general,” Driver said.

The current timeline shows the final animal code reading is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 19.