Victoria Livestock show closes with special show

Special Livestock show held at Community Center

VICTORIA, Texas - The Victoria Livestock Show is coming to a close but they had one special event this weekend.
Newscenter 25's David Gibson attended the fourth annual livestock show and spoke with some of the participants.
"We pair special needs youth in community with 4H and FFA members of our community and we allow them to kind of spend a day in the ring with an animal, while getting livestock show experience," says Paige Melton, Organizer. 

Melton says this turned into more of a mentor program where the buddies get paired up with a FFA or 4H member in the fall.
"Those kids actually get to come to the mentor's house to feed the animals, wash, walk, and brush the animals, to just get more of an experience," explains Melton.

"We saw that one day was too short and we needed more experience and more time."

The buddies learn how to show an assortment of different animals.
"a lamb, goat, rabbit or a cow.

Julie Diebel has been working with her buddie Abbi Barzozowske for the past 4 years and this weekend they showed a market steer.
"We have been working with Abbi for i think 3 or 4 years now, and she loves it, she does amazing with our calves," smiles Julie Diebel, FFA Student.

It's an experience Abbi will never forget.

"Im feeling happy and excited...yes im hoping to win today but this process was a lot of hard work and patience," declares Abbi Barzozowske.

For Diebel, it's much more than a's a life lesson she hopes Abbi takes away with her..
"I just want her to have some more confidence, she is so confident already, she is such an amazing person and she just connects with the animals so well." exclaims Diebel.

The next livestock show season, Crossroads you need to make it a plan to come out and see these children have fun and smile.

It will make you smile while melting your heart.

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