Update on the Duck Pond

VICTORIA, Texas - I went to speak with the assistant director at Riverside Park to get an update on the Duck Pond. 

"The Duck Pond was always a project that we had on our radar to repair because the sidewalks had buckled," said Danielle Williams Assistant Director at Victoria Parks and Recreation.

Danielle Williams is the assistant director at the Victoria Parks and Recreation center. She said the vegetation from the trees made the sidewalks buckle at the Duck Pond. When a sidewalk buckle it means it has expanded and created cracks which are dangerous.  

"It was unsafe it wasn't safe to walk around it wasn't safe to push a stroller around or anything like that, so we got it approved through council to move forward with that capital project of the Duck Pond sidewalks," said Williams.  

According to The City of Victoria Parks and Recreation website, the Duck Pond has been closed for repairs since December 2018.  The site also stated they will be draining the pond and removing the debris. Williams stated that once the pond was drained they found more issues that were unsafe.

"Things underneath were just not structurally sound either. So then the project grew into a different project, that entails a lot more planning and a lot more details that we need to focus on," said Williams. 

The Duck Pond has sentimental value to some residence in Victoria. As I was leaving the Parks and Recreation Center, one employee told me his parents took their wedding pictures in front of the Gazebo.

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