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Jackson County Sheriff photographed with President Trump as he signs veto

Sheriff Louderback front and center in photo-op

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback was photographed at the White House on Friday afternoon alongside other Texas offocials, and a Texas Angel Mom as President Trump signed the veto to protect the border oder.

Sheriff Louderback tweeted Friday afternoon from D.C. "What an honor for sheriffs to stand with President Donald J. Trump as he signs his first #veto in support of our nation’s sovereignty!  #bordersecurity National Sheriffs' Association."

Despite a dozen Republicans joining Senate Democrats on Thursday to back the joint resolution against Trump's emergency delcaration, Trump used his executive vetoing power to push forward with his border order. 

Flanked by Texas officials and parents of children who were killed by illegal immigrants, Tony Garcia, HIDTA Director of South Texas, and Laura WIlkerson, Angel Mom from Houston, TX, were also photographed with Trump. 



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