University researchers recommend 3-week shutdown, mask order

PHOENIX (AP) — The coronavirus outbreak's current surge will present Arizona with a hospital crisis that could become a disaster unless the state takes steps such as ordering a three-week stay-home shutdown and implementing a statewide mask mandate, university researchers said.

To court Latinos, Democrats have to expand strategy in 2022

PHOENIX (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign credits its success in Arizona to the immigrant-rights and grassroots organizations that have been mobilizing Latinos for nearly two decades. The fruits of their labor — in triple-digit heat, no less — paid off in this traditionally conservative state, where changing demographics and suburban voters turning out to oppose President Donald Trump also worked in Biden's favor.

Dunlap reflects on myth of broad voter fraud as tenure ends

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Matthew Dunlap, Maine's secretary of state, likens worries about voter fraud to Halloween fears of razor blades being placed in apples. People talk about it, and people worry about it. But no one knows anyone who's bitten into a booby-trapped apple.