Newest CW affiliate in Victoria wins national award

VICTORIA, Texas - The Victoria Television Group celebrated taking home a national award for the Victoria launch of the CW television series Roswell, New Mexico, Wednesday.

Brian Burns, COO of Morgan Murphy Media, accepted the Apex, Affiliate Partner Excellence Award, which recognizes the station's successful CW Scavenger Hunt developed by Local Sales Manager for the CW Victoria, Carol Fox.

Fox acknowledges the Scavenger Hunt campaign was a huge team effort, so she threw a big pizza party for the whole team to celebrate everyone's hard work and garnering national attention for our station.

"I was thrilled to honor all the people that helped us because it took so many people. It wasn't just one person trying to come up with the creative. It was everybody coming with the creative, everybody trying to help us. This was such a massive undertaking…It took a village," said Fox. 

The team also received certificates honoring them for their specific contribution to the massive project that had so many moving parts. 

While munching on pizza and cookies the team also got to preview the pilot episode of the CW's upcoming Batwoman TV series. CW Victoria will be hosting a launch event for the brand-new action-packed show in the fall.

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