Question: I was awarded a small claim court judgement against a yard and tree service but the business owner has ignored the court order and I really need to take care of the damage they caused. How do I collect?

Answer: I can only imagine your frustration as I have been there myself. The first thing you must do is ask the Clerk at the Justice of the Peace office for an abstract of judgement. From there you need to take it to the County Clerk’s office and file it in order to create notice in the County that money is owed to you. Also, if you aware of the individual owning real property (land/real estate) in any other County file your judgement there also. Send all of this to the debtor and demand payment within 30 days. Send the letter Certified and make a copy for yourself. If judgment is not paid you can file and Application for a Writ of Execution to have property such as chain saws, tree trimmers, lawn mowers seized by the Sheriff so they can be sold to satisfy the debt. Unfortunately, some people don’t pay their debts and the process to make them do so is time consuming, don’t give up!