Local reactions to the democratic debate

Democratic Presidential Debate take away

VICTORIA, Texas - In last night's Democratic Presidential debate, 10 candidates battled it out for the third time, as the field narrows leading up to the primary election. 

Local residents following national politics closely -- watched the debates last night, and said that some candidates stood out more than others. 

Jeanne Trombly Democratic Party said, "Actually its Bernie Sanders and Warren that stood out to me".  

Andrew Rokovich the Chairman of Victoria County Young Republicans said, "Outside of Amy Klobuchar the bigger winner would have been Elizabeth Warren". 

According to real clear politics, the latest polls indicate Biden leads, followed by Sanders,  then Warren. The biggest takeaways according to the community seemed to center around healthcare. 

"Oh, I'm so concerned about our children being uninsured. I'm so concerned about people not being able to buy their insulin People are dying without access to healthcare," said Trombly.  

"You hear them say all this profit, all this profit in realty the profit is going to the drug companies, the profits are going to the drug big clinics and different types of doctors and different fields," said Rokovich.

The fourth Democratic Presidential Debate is scheduled for October 15th.  

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