TxDOT to do complete re-construction of a highway 72 bridge outside of Cuero

Highway 72 bridge closure

CUERO, Texas - The new year comes with new projects for TxDOT. Dewitt County is on top of their to do list with the complete re-construction of a highway 72 bridge outside of Cuero. 


In less than a week, drivers heading north of Cuero will have to take an alternate route to their destination. as tx-dot is planning to completely demolish river bridge-.

“This is a highly used bridge, it's also used by 18 wheelers carrying fuels and things like that.” says Cyndi Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator for Dewitt County.

A Highway 72 bridge just miles outside of Cuero will be closing Monday, January 14th. This project was expected for later in the year but after Hurricane Harvey damages, it became an immediate concern.

“It was already on schedule for construction, however with Hurricane Harvey,  and the river reaching its peak, there was more erosion than they had expected, and so this project was bumped up to a priority status.” says Smith.

The closure is planned between 18 to 24 months where alternate routes are suggested, this maps signals in red the point where state highway 72 and U.S. Highway 87 split. TxDOT recommends to take U.S. 87 as a detour which connects back with highway 72.

“Plan out your route this weekend, there’s going to be upset drivers and not remember that it’s closed and still go around barricades and it is illegal to go around them, and will get written a ticket.” adds Smith.

Businesses in the area like these say they aren’t too worried about the closure as many of their customers are coming from inner Cuero, but other residents who live close by say it will alter their plans.

“It will affect us, due the simple fact we use that bridge to go hunting in Westhoff, to which it will affect us going all the way to the green bridge.” says Cuero resident Amiyah Mabry.


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