Hallettsville ISD parents address school board

Hallettsville ISD- Parents plea for removal of employees

HALLETTSVILLE, Texas - Several weeks after the arrest of three Hallettsville ISD employees, the community had the opportunity to address the school board at Monday night's meeting as the employees are still working for the district. 

Hallettsville ISD parents have expressed concerns over the decision to keep three Hallettsville employees working after being arrested, then set free on bond with charges of failing to report an abuse case.

“We’re not here today about legal justice- we are here for administrative action. In the military and a business, ultimate responsibility falls on the leadership to ensure that the proper procedures are followed," says Halletsville resident and speaker Kevin Bright.

A total of eight residents took a stand, six of which demanded that the board take action and remove the employees from the campuses until the investigation is completed.

The other two vouched for the accused. One resident named Terry, said, “these are good men, I would vouch for their character, keep them on, they deserve to stay on.”

The board called for an executive session. The approval of an outside counsel to conduct a Title IX investigation, also defined as an investigation of sexual discrimination or harassment was passed.

However, no clarification was made if this hire would be for the investigation in question. School board president Robert Lundy, addressed visitors and stated no comment would be made from the board or superintendent regarding the discussion of the three Hallesttsville ISD employees. 

As the meeting continued, most parents and speakers left the room, some still feeling concerned.

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