Goliad Prepares for Elections with Candidate Forum

Goliad Candidate Forum
Goliad Candidate Forum

Goliad residents gathered Monday evening to listen to 4 candidates that will be on this election ballot.

Both republican and democratic party chairs joined forces to bring this forum about. Candidates were presented and given the floor to speak.

"its important that the voters of the county have an opportunity to hear on the candidates as opposed of what they hear on the streets or what they see on Facebook. I welcome the opportunity." says Republican County Judge Candidate Mike Bennett.

The positions that are to be filled come November include county judge and county treasurer.

“Even in Goliad it’s hard for the candidates to meet everyone, so this gives the citizens a chance to go out and meet everyone.”says Democratic County Judge Candidate Wilfred Korth.

The major point of discussion included the county’s budget, which has been publicly scrutinized as the county sits at a maxed out tax of 80 cents- the candidates were asked how they would go about this.

Mike Bennett  responded, “we need to evaluate our staffing how the two largest departments for sure are operating and try to make an adjustments to streamline the operations of this county.”

The second topic that had most citizens asking questions included the economic development of Goliad and what the plan is to bring new  businesses to create revenue for the county.

“Promoting this county as a nice rural community to live in- promoting the positives that we have in our community, yes we pay more taxes - but with fewer people in this county we get a better share of what it costs to run a county."

The candidates present for the County Treasurer position included Democratic candidate Susie Clapsaddle and Republican candidate Bryan Howard. Although most questions were directed at the County Judge candidates, both Clapsaddle and Howard expressed they are fit for the job. Goliad residents, along with the rest of the state is heading to the polls for early voting on October 22nd. Election day is November 6th, and all candidates hope for a great turn out. 

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