George P. Bush urges residents to apply for HAP program

George P Bush Visits Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas - In December, we reported the General Land Office announced construction of the first homes damaged by Harvey under the new Homeowner Assistants Program.

Today, Newscenter 25's David Gibson was there when the Land Commissioner, George P. Bush visited one of the first families to be helped here in Victoria.

"It feels very heavenly...Harvey destroyed my dad's home and he had no place to go," explained a jubilant Rosa Linda Faidley. 

The Torres family is one of the first families to receive a grant from the HAP or Homeowners Assistance Program. 

Their newly rebuilt is a home that's been in their family for generations. 

But most homeowners impacted by Harvey in 2017 are unaware of the HAP program  

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development allocated the 1 billion dollars in block grants for disaster recovery. And the Texas General Land Office is working to help owners get their share.

"Just here in Victoria County, we only received about 88 applications. We want to see hundreds, if not thousands more,"exclaimed George P. Bush.

The assistance is on a first come first served basis. So how do you apply? 

"You can submit all over your application resources online, secondly you can receive an application through traditional means and send it into one of our branch offices. third we have setup a branch office right here in Victoria to help constituents with the application process from beginning to end."

You can send your information to I know you're thinking to yourself 'who qualifies for this grant?'

"70% of the program has to be awarded to low to middle income households which is a requirement by HUD. you have to demonstrate physical damage to your home, and there is a variety of ways in which you can demonstrate that damage. you have to show that you are in fact the homeowner."

The Torres family wants to encourage those who are still struggling to recovery to apply for this grant.

"Go apply for the grant, just get out there and apply. you have to apply to be able to get in the process and its not that hard but its a long struggle. you have to do the paperwork but its worth it, if you want a home or need a home, you need to do it."

George P. Bush traveled to the crossroads to express the need for homeowners to apply to the one billion dollars in federal funds--so far only 50 million dollar are allocated. 

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