Five arrested in connection with a meth distribution operation in Victoria

In 2017, the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division initiated an investigation on an organized criminal operation distributing methamphetamine within Victoria County.

On Wednesday, January 16th 2019, Special Operations Deputies initiated their enforcement efforts against the criminal organization when they conducted a traffic stop on a pickup with ties to the organization as it traveled on US 59 south. The traffic stop lead to the seizure of a usable amount of marijuana, and two subjects were placed under arrest for Possession of Marijuana < 2 oz.

Deputies then moved to execute a search warrant on the primary target located at 31 Cook Ln. As deputies approached the residence, an investigator conducting stationary surveillance observed a vehicle attempting to leave. The occupants of the house were detained by deputies as contact was made with the vehicle that was attempting to leave. There were two adult residents as well as a seven year old child.

Deputies detected an odor of marijuana emitting from the detained vehicle, as well as observing two pistol magazines attached to the dashboard.

A search of the driver’s person and vehicle were conducted. During the search of the driver, deputies located a loaded Glock handgun and a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine. During the search of the vehicle deputies located 31.9 grams of methamphetamine, 0.35 ounces of marijuana, a digital scale, numerous plastic bags, a second handgun, a shotgun, and numerous rounds of ammunition.

The packaging of the methamphetamine was consistent with the methamphetamine later located at the residence where the search warrant was conducted.

Upon executing the search warrant on the residence, deputies located $1379.25 in cash, 478.6 grams of methamphetamine, 2.32 ounces of marijuana, multiple scales, numerous baggies and other packaging material, 1.3g of Hydrocodone, numerous firearms with ammunition, and a money counter.

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Victoria Police Department, Texas DPS Investigations Division and partnering Federal agencies for their assistance in the investigation.

“Cheap meth smuggled in from Mexico has become a driving factor in criminal activity in the Crossroads, and throughout the United States. The criminal organizations that operate in our region are complex and far more sophisticated than what we have faced in the past. Law enforcement has adapted to meet this new challenge and is working to identify and take enforcement action against this criminal element. Thanks to the dedication of the men and women of the VCSO and other partnering agencies, we are working to take this poison off our streets and place drug dealers behind bars.” -Chief Deputy Roy Boyd

Information provided by Victoria County Sheriff's office Facebook page.

Defendants Arrested:

Henry Benitez Garcia. Sr: Charged with Man/Del CS PG 1 >=400g and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity in addition to his original offense of Possession of Marijuana < 2 OZ.

Henry Garcia Jr.: Charged with a felony warrant for Possession of controlled substance and Possession of Marijuana < 2 OZ

John Riehs: Charged with Man/Del CS PG 1 >=400g, Poss Marijuana <=4oz>2oz, Poss CS PG 3 < 28g, Poss CS PG 2 < 1g, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Abandon Endanger Child Criminal Neglect, and Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Felon.

Tamera Adams: Charged with Man/Del CS PG 1 >=400g, Poss Marijuana <=4oz>2oz, Poss CS PG 3 < 28g, Poss CS PG 2 < 1g, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, and Abandon Endanger Child Criminal Neglect.

Christoher Duane Long:​ Charged with Unlawful Carrying Weapon, Man/Del CS PG 1 >=4g<=200g, Possession of Marijuana, and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

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