Cyclists concerned over lack of safe bike routes

Cyclists concerned over lack of safe bike routes

VICTORIA, Texas - For cyclists who commute in Victoria, there just aren't many options.

"Our streets were not really designed for cyclists when it was in the design stage," City Communications Director O.C. Garza says.

Sidewalks are not really an option either due to their width.

"Victoria sidewalks are typically five or four feet wide, that's probably not enough room for cyclists and pedestrians," Garza says.

While the trails at Riverside Park are useful for recreational cycling, if your method of transportation is by bike, you are probably being forced to take a longer, alternate route. Garza explained that part of the problem is that Victoria drivers just aren't used to having cyclists on the street making it a dangerous situation for both the driver and byciclist.

"The roads just arent' designed for that, there's not enough lane or right of way to do that," says Garza.

Victoria native Kelly Loesch is part of a local group of cyclists who often travel outside the city limits to stay safe.

That's the reason a whole lot of us do not ride in the city limits, because basically it's too dangerous," Loesch says.

When the group cycles within Victoria city limits, they plan aorund traffic.

Their best advice for now, stay away from traffic and be aware of Texas Bicycle Laws.

"The law is, the passing distance is one meter, which is probably from the middle of my chest, out three feet," Loesch says.

Garza recommend staying away from traffic, take alternative routes if necessary.

Starting this summer, Garza believes all new roads built in Victoria will be more bike friendly,  many with a bike lane engineered into their designs.

"That's really the only way you can be safe with motorists and cyclists," Garza says.


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