Best Portable Garages For 2021

Portable garages essential for protecting your vehicle from inclement weather and UV rays when on the go or at home. Here, we evaluate three of the best.

Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition: Rally Raid Ready

Land Rover is bringing an ultra-capable version of its resurrected Defender to North America. Starting next month, the automaker will offer a “Trophy Edition” of its Defender 110 SUV that harks back to the brand's overland rally history.

Best Tire Pressure Monitors For 2021

Aftermarket tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) can bring one of the best safety advances of modern cars and trucks to vehicles that weren’t equipped with it from the factory. Here are five of the best.

Best Trailer Brake Controllers For 2021

Trailer brake controllers improve braking, balance, and handling while towing. As the name implies, they control a trailer’s brakes by electronically linking them to the driver’s inputs. Here are five of the best.

Best Car and Truck Batteries for 2021

Changing your vehicle’s battery every 2-3 years will keep it running at its best, but which battery you choose depends on what your vehicle’s needs are. Here, Forbes lists six of the top-performing choices for 2021.

Most And Least Expensive Cars To Insure, 2021 Edition

Your vehicle plays a role in your car insurance rates, but how much? Our sister site, Forbes Advisor, looked at average auto insurance rates for more than 50 top-selling vehicles to find the most and least expensive to insure.

5 Best Dog Seat Covers For 2021

Seat covers for dogs protect car interiors from scratching and mishaps. Pair them with a harness to keep the dog from roaming or flying about in an accident.