Additional help has arrived in the Crossroads to help battle the fires


VICTORIA, Texas - Due to recent grass fires in the Crossroads, many people are on high alert with most counties under burn bans. 

Yes, I'm here at Patriots Park with the Texas A&M Forest Service as they help battle the blazes in the area.

Heather Gonzales, the Wildland Specialist with Texas A&M Forest Service said, "Now that we are coming into the end of August about 73% percent of Texas is under some amount of elevated drought".
Due to heightened fire danger in the Crossroads, the Texas A&M Forest Service will set up in Victoria for a faster response in case of a fire. 

"So right now we did respond to a couple of fires down in Refugio which we have gotten almost contained down there right now but it's going to be about a few weeks until those are fully contained," said Logan Bucknam, Texas A&M Resource Specialist.

The fire in Refugio burned 1,500 acres of grass, sending multiple South Texas agencies to help put out the fire. Now the Texas A&M Forest Service is staying nearby.

"So they decided to keep us down here in Victoria because our response time would be a little quicker, versus the two-hour response time from Smithville. We also have resources staged down in B-Ville as well as different air resources located throughout the state," said Bucknam.

 "I just like to encourage people to really be aware of their activities outdoors that may cause a spark. Something as simple as welding can cause sparks into dry vegetation and that could cause a fire," said Gonzales.  

Due to the drought, Victoria County is still under a burn ban.

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