102 year old looks back on 90 years of service

102 owner celebrates 90 years of service

VICTORIA, Texas - The owner of Victoria Bearing is celebrating his 102 birthday today,
Newscenter 25's David Gibson spoke with him about his longevity.

"I feel great, that's what i said before didn't i. i feel great," says Ed Kalinowski Sr., Owner.

Ed Kalinowski Sr  has worked since the age 13, but now after 90 years of service he is retired.
"It was a lot of fun. I had a lot of good people that came see me and help me and i had a lot of fun," adds Kalinowski.

His granddaughter Diane Herbold says he taught their family everything about business.
"He has taught me so much, and he has taught all of our family so much," Diane Herbold smiles. 

"He taught us how to work hard for it and nothing is going to be handed out to you. He makes me come to work everyday because i know how hard he has worked all of his life, for everything he has ever had,"adds Herbold

Although Mr. K is retired, his family still reaches how to him daily for advice.
"My grandfather on a day to day basis, he advises us and he still is an active partner in that because without him we probably couldn't do near what we are doing," tells Herbold.

After hearing about him working, I was dying to ask Mr. K what his secret to longevity was and I was shocked by his response.
"My secret, is chasing women, you know what it is. I chased all these pretty girls when I was young and that gave me a long time to live," Kalinowski laughs.

Mr. K leaves the younger generation with some great advice to apply to their lives.
"If they are going to amount to anything, they are going to have to put their minds to it and do it.

Herbold says Mr. K is going to be a tough act to follow because he did so well in this community.

Kalinowski founded Columbus Bearing, Gulf Bolt and Supply, Acme Screen Manufacturing and Brady Bearing

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