New Technology Could Help Victoria Police

“Maximizing the use of technology to the benefit of ourselves and the public,” Ray said.

The Victoria Police Department will be moving forward with an application for a Homeland Security Grant that could bring a Throwbot XT to their department.

“These devices are very much like an x ray that a doctor might use to diagnose what is going on inside where you can’t see,” Ray said.

John Ray, Assistant Police Chief, says the Throwbot can be thrown at a distance into a building with audio and video capabilities. He says the technology could help in various situations.

“Barricaded persons that have a gun that are threatening themselves or others,” Ray said.

The Throwbot could help police avoid provoking deadly force. They say technology helps officers stay safe and keep you safe as well.

“We want to use technology to look inside a critical incident area to make the best possible decision,” Ray said.