New smartphone app helps you learn your state officials

“I think that’s pretty beneficial for the younger generation. It’s a mobile app so its something that they’re used to,” Victoria College student, Charles Mendoza said.
Victoria College student Charles Mendoza shares his thoughts on the new Texas Elected Officials flash card app which helps users identify nearly 200 state officials. The fact that its an app on your phone makes it convenient and on the go.

“I think it would help out a lot,” Mendoza said.

But how do our county officials connect with the community? Mendoza believes our officials care about our community’s needs.

“They didn’t have this office beforehand so that just goes to show that they are listening to the community which is heavenly based with veterans,” Mendoza said.

One local veteran feels connected to our county officials through community meetings.

“The Victoria sheriff office does a good job. In quail creek they have community meetings, telling us whats going on, the new technology that their using and give us the website for alerts,” Victoria resident, John Clark said.