New Smartphone App Helps Users Identify Texas Elected Officials

AUSTIN – Blakemore Public Affairs has launched the Texas Elected Officials Flash Card App to help users build knowledge of state elected officials and improve memory with each photo. The free app is being released just in time for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session.

“Everyone wants to make a good first impression. Recognizing an elected official and being able to call them by name is the first step” said Allen Blakemore. “We all used flash cards as young students. It’s something that is helpful to me and my team and I wanted to share it with the Capitol community.”

The app will help users identify 199 state officials, including 27 who did not serve during the previous Legislative Session.

Thousands of Texans will walk the halls of our State Capitol this legislative session including citizen advocates, school children, lobbyists, legislative staff members and media to participate in 85th Legislative Session. This fun and interactive flashcard app will ensure they recognize faces of lawmakers.

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