New scams present in the Crossroads

The Victoria Police Department wants to warn the community about two new scams that are present in the Crossroads.

The first scam is one targeting seniors. Seniors are getting unsolicited phone calls saying that their social security numbers are fraudulent and if they do not give the scammer their information, they won’t receive their social security checks anymore.

“Just remember, most of your government organizations are not going to do business by phone. They’re going to send letters, and things like that. IRS, Social Security, they’re going to communicate with you by mail.” Detective Collins with the Victoria Police Department says.

The second scam is targeting people looking for a home to buy or sell. Scammers are taking pictures and listings of homes that are already on the market, and some that are not, and making fraudulent listings on sites like Craigslist of them.

Detective Collins says if you’ve been a victim, there are some things you can do.

“You’re definitely going to want to contact your local law enforcement. And you’re also going to want to report to the federal trade commission. Also, I would contact the website where the ad is listed, so they can remove the ad or watch out for other ads posted by the same user.”

Caleb Shaw of Shaw Realty also says that some red flags to look out for would be if the lister is out of town or overseas, or if they cannot meet you at the property, you need to contact a local realtor and ask about the listing’s legitimacy.