New, more accurate water meters planned for Port Lavaca

Public works officials say that these new meters will help to save customers money


Port Lavaca, Texas – The city of Port Lavaca plans to replace all of its water meters.
The goal is to improve accuracy and save customers money.  25 News Nows reporter Trey Meynig traveled to Calhoun County today to learn more.

The city of Port Lavaca is in the process of replacing all the water meters within the city with more reliable, radio signal monitored meters.

Wayne Shaffer, public works director with the city of port lavaca, says the replacement is needed and will save citizens money.

“We are replacing the positive displacement meters, which have moving parts and have failed prematurely, with the solid state ultrasonic meter, which has no moving parts and are more accurate,” said Shaffer.  The replacement process has already begun. workers will fully replace all 5000 plus meters over the next eight to ten months.

The new meters will allow citizens to monitor their water usage and identify leaks easier. More for information click here to visit the city of Port Lavaca’s public works department homepage.