New guidelines for transporting garbage goes into effect September 1st

Improperly transported garbage could result in a fine

VICTORIA, Texas- The City of Victoria Environmental Services has announced a new campaign designed to educate residents on the new guidelines for transporting garbage.

Starting September 1st, anyone transporting garbage in a truck must secure their trash using a tarp, or they could face fines or citations.

Under the Texas Transportation Code, loose material that is being transported in a vehicle bed must be covered and enclosed on all sides to prevent materials from falling out of the vehicle. Violators can be fined up to a maximum of $500.

Environmental Services has teamed up with County commissioners and City and County law enforcement for the “Tarp or Ticket” campaign, which aims to educate residents about the law and encourage everyone to do their part to keep Victoria’s roadways free of litter.

“We want people to be aware trash bags can easily be caught by the wind and blown out of a vehicle,” said Tiffany Koenig, City of Victoria Environmental and Beautification coordinator. “This is just one way for people to support beautification and take pride in their community.”

Anyone disposing of an uncovered load at the Victoria City Landfill, 18141 FM 1686, on or after September 1 will be charged an additional $30 fee. Proceeds from the fee will be used to fund litter cleanup in the area.

Gary Smejkal, Victoria County constable for Precinct 1, where the landfill is located, said violators will not be permitted to continue driving with an unsecured load and instead must call someone to bring a tarp before they can proceed to the landfill.

Flyers will be distributed at the landfill to raise awareness of the law and the new fee. Information about the campaign will be shared on the City of Victoria and Environmental Services social media pages and published in the City’s newsletter, The City View.

For more information, contact Environmental Services at 361-485-3230.