New El Campo Public Safety Building

The new El Campo Public Safety building will be replacing the former that was built in 1974. The new 10.1 million dollar building has the newest technology and better resources that will help El Campo PD compete in the recruitment process against Fort Bent County and the Houston area. Fire and EMS will also call this building home. The spacious areas are one of the biggest new perks. Fire officials say re-locating to the other side of town has made them pay more attention to the traffic on that road, which could be dangerous when they are driving out of the station. EMS has had to carry the burden of the Gulf Coast Hospital scaling back services in Wharton, which means El Campo Memorial Hospital has had increased traffic. Their call volume has increased almost 1,000 calls over the last 6 to 12 months. The public safety building will be fully open by the end of April.